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Types of Cases a Legal Nurse Consultant will work on ...

Medical Malpractice? Personal Injury? Of course!!

But there is so much more!

We often find when we talk to others about our work, that the assumption is that we only work on Medical Malpractice or Personal Injury cases.  

In fact, ANY health related case can draw on the specialized clinical knowledge of our team!

For example:


We compile appropriate professional journal articles and textbooks by medical professionals to fit the parameters of your case. i.e. We were once asked to link two phrases (two words each) to prove whether or not the terms were interchangeable because of a difference in the testimony of opposing physician expert witnesses. We provided a bibliography of researched appropriate textbooks and articles ... and yes, in a specialized medical textbook, we were able to show those terms were indeed interchangeable!

Child and Elder Custody

Not a simple matter anymore, if it ever was! Certainly it has become more complex through the years. i.e. Child custody was decided in one case based on the children's' medical records and how each parent was handling their care. While initially, joint custody is often considered best for the child, in this case the father was granted full custody because of documentation of the children's health issues, care and needs.

Seven Basic Types of Cases:

1) Medical and Nursing Malpractice Cases

2) General Personal Injury Cases

3) Products Liability Cases

4) Toxic Tort and Environmental Cases

5) Workers' Compensation and Workplace Injury Cases

6) Criminal Cases

7) Any Case Where Health, Illness or Injury is the Issue

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