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Legal Nurse Consulting Services ...

The team at Powers-Kilburn & Associates not only works with attorneys on individual cases, but has experience with mass tort, class action, toxic tort, and pharmacovigilance.

Powers-Kilburn & Associates works to effectively support the attorney in case development. Over 30 services can be grouped into five categories:

Assess Medical Records and Analyze the Case

This can be as simple as screening a case for merit, identifying applicable standards of care, organizing boxes of records into manageable components, building a chronology and analyzing records for altered and/or missing pieces.

Support the Attorney's Case

It is important to integrate the supporting literature with the standards/guidelines in a case analysis. We also coordinate and attend independent medical examinations (IME's).

Work with Experts and Other Witnesses

When you need an expert witness, we understand how essential it is to match the exact specialty, we can even help identify other specialties involved. We offer an expert witness location service which includes pre-screening for expertise, prior trial experience, and professional certifications. Many of our team have served as expert witnesses because of their specific clinical experience and knowledge.

Serve as the Attorney's Liaison

From interviewing plaintiff and defense clients, consulting with healthcare providers, and other experts, we can serve as a liaison between you, the legal firm, and the healthcare providers/consultants.

Assist with Discovery and Preparation for Court

The process leading up to trial requires attention to detail. Our team can help prepare deposition questions focused on a specialty, review and summarize depositions, assist in exhibit preparation / demonstrative evidence, and assist in focus groups and mock trials.

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